Cambridge is a truly green city. The natural fen landscape flows right into the centre along the river Cam. Behind the main line of colleges, along the River Cam, are the Backs (so-called from being the backs of the colleges), with amazing and relaxing gardens. You can admire the stunning displays of flowering bulbs in Spring, or while away the hours in beautifully kept College grounds and Fellows gardens. The best way to appreciate the Backs is from a punt, a flat bottomed boat which is poled along. You can hire punts, and for those too timid to punt themselves, chauffeur punts are easy to find. But you can also walk along Queen's Road, catching glimpses of the colleges through the trees. Moreover, there are a number of wonderful greens, public parks and commons around Cambridge great for a picnic, to play friendly matches or just simply relaxing. You can walk along the river from Quayside downstream, or from Newnham, upstream. There are green spaces most of the way along the river, from Grantchester up-river of Cambridge, through Coe Fen and Launders Green, along the Backs, and then Jesus Green, Midsummer Common and Storbridge Common. This covers countryside, fen, landscaped areas, formal gardens, and commons.

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