Cambridge pubs

Pubs in Cambridge have a tendency to be a little generic so it's best to go and scout out the good ones. There's a rich history of music in Cambridge and if you dig hard enough you can find some gems, be it for the beer or the live music. We've listed some of the better known ones but there are some nice ones hidden away.

The Eagle

The Eagle is one of the most famous pubs in Cambridge where Watson and Crick deliberated about the structure of DNA in the 1950s. It's busy but has a pretty courtyard behind Corpus Christi.

The Maypole

The Maypole is a family-run pub. Mario, the landlord, is a big name in the cocktail shaking world (having won many prizes), and he and his family serve behind the bar. It doesn't look like much from the outside but don't let that put you off. It's always friendly and there are always some fun characters to talk to. Beers not bad either.

The Anchor

Great location next to the river and has a musical history as it alludes to being the drinking home of Pink Floyd in its former incarnation as the Riverside Jazz club back in 1962.

The Kingston arms and the Empress

If you're up Mill road way as a grad then try these two pubs, both serve great local beer and fantastic food.

The Portland, The Corner house and The Haymakers

Three good pubs for local live music. Always something on throughout the week. Food is quite good too.

The Granta

The Granta occupies a picturesque location next to the mill pond. There is extensive outdoor seating, including a forecourt, a decked beer garden and a balcony over the Granta (river) and Quy Fen. In summer, this area is prettily decorated with hanging baskets. Punts are available from the lowest level. The interior has wooden and carpeted floors and wooden furniture including some benches.

The Castle Inn

The Castle Inn (up the hill on Castle St) has a spacious 3 level interior and extensive decked area outside. It serves a large variety of beers and food - the "Castle Burgers" are legendary.

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