Current Research in Egyptology I
Oxford 2000

Date : 13-14 Jan 2000
Location : Headley Lecture Theatre at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, Great Britain
Publication : McDonald, A. & Riggs, C. (eds). 2000. Current Research in Egyptology 2000. BAR International Series 909.

List of papers

Title Publication reference
Facing the dead: issues in the funerary art of Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt
Papyrological evidence of travelling in Byzantine Egypt 57-64
When, how and where - the application of science to Egyptology 91-96
The Ptolemaic influence on Egyptian royal sculpture 1-10
Hysteria revisited: Women's public health in Ancient Egypt 11-18
Accuracy issues in ancient Egyptian stellar timekeeping 111-114
Transportation of quarried hard stone from Lower Nubia to Giza during the Old Kingdom 19-28
Tomb construction along the Unas Causeway 29-40
Clothing and the construction of identity: examples from the Old and New Kingdom 41-44
Occupational health in Ancient Egypt: the evidence from artistic representation 45-56
A site database for Egyptian Predynastic/Early Dynastic cemetery sites
Questions of Isis and other religious texts: the unpublished Papyrus Vienna D.12006
Hieratic ostraca and jar labels from Tell el-Amarna: problems and potential 65-74
Tall tails: the Seth animal reconsidered 75-82
Pictorial evidence depicting the interaction between the king and his people in Ancient Egypt 83-90
Ptolemaic foundations on the Red Sea cost: the Pithom Stele in context
Evidence for Late Bronze Age Libyan culture at the New Kingdom Egyptian fortress of Zawiyet Umm el-Rakham 97-102
Ankh: An archetype model for the semantics of iconography 103-110
The police in Byzantine Egypt: the hierarchy in the papyri from the fourth to the seventh centuries 115-124
On meaning and modality in Middle Egyptian object complementation 125-134
Dental health and disease over the Predynastic and Early Dynastic periods 135-143
Scribal Equipment: From Object to Hieroglyph and Symbol
The Helipolitan Ennead
The development of fortified settlements in Late Roman and early Islamic Egypt
Some aspects of Saite historical texts
The measure of reality? Some critical remarks on quantification in Old Kingdom funerary archaeology
The UCL/SCA excavations at the Predynastic/Early Dynastic sites of Kafr Hassan Dawood and Minshat Ezzat
Pastoralism and the prehistoric background of the Narmer palette
The lunar cycle as a lietmotiv along the middle axis of the Horus Temple at Edfu

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