Current Research in Egyptology IX
Manchester 2008

Date : January 2008
Location : University of Manchester, Great Britain
Publication : Gashe, V, & Finch, J. (eds), 2008, Current Research in Egyptology 2008,
Oxford: Oxbow Books

List of papers

Title Publication reference
Walk like an Egyptian - Religious Ritual or the Dawn of Prosthetic Medicine?
Identifying the Great Overlords of the Nome
Water Basins in Middle Kingdom Planned Settlements: An Architectural Feature of Hospitality and Bureaucracy
Scent from the Grave: An Analytical Examination of Ancient Residues from Predynastic Egypt Poster
Animal, Vegetable or Mineral? A Radiological Study of Three Museum Oddities
An Example of Egyptianising Architecture in Greater Manchester
The Scientific Contribution of Imaging in Egyptology: The 'Virtual Unwrapping' of a Mummified Limb Poster
Why Does Professor Abdel Monem A Sayed's View Differ from Other Egyptologists? Views Concerning the Landing Place of Hatchepsut's Fleet in Punt
Specialisation in Predynastic Pottery: Standardized Straw-tempered Ware at Hierakonpolis
Examining the Representation of the Male Image in 18th Dynasty Tombs
Horses of a Different Colour
Evidence for Predynastic and Old Kingdom Burial Practices: An Assessment of the Use of Early Excavation Reports
Determining Plausible Connections Between Hieroglyphic Symbols and Pyramid Construction Poster
The Tothmea's Mummy Project: Ancient Discoveries and New Perspectives
The Tutankhamouse Experiment - Investigating Tissue Changes During Mummification
The Iconographic Programme in the Elite Tombs of the Memphite Region
Scientific Analysis of the Black Coating Found on a Mummy from the Manchester Museum
Cocaine and Nicotine in Ancient Egypt
A Study on a Title
Agency and Materiality in Late Period Non-Statuary
A Study of Ivory in Predynastic Egypt
A Possible Method of Dating Anubis Statues
The Lisbon Mummy Project: Preliminary Results of the MDCT Study of the Animal Mummies in the National Museum of Archaeology, Lisbon Poster
Microscopic Analyses of Hair from an Ancient Egyptian Mummy, c. 1473 BC Poster
he Realities of Battle in Ancient Egypt
The Gods and Goddesses of the Central Hall
Re-materialising Script and Image
Kinship Structure and Descent Group Models and the Incipient Predynastic Ancient Egyptian State in Upper Egypt
Perspectives on Travelling in the Texts from Deir el-Medina
The Unpublished Coptic Manuscripts in Manchester's John Rylands Library
Finding Lepus, or Another Meaning for the Rekhyt Bird
A Curious Female Figurine in the Egyptian Centre Collection
The Secret Djed
Ancient Egypt at the Manchester Museum: Past Achievements and Future Plans
Experiencing the Eastern Desert Rock Art
Aegyptus, or the Western Conception of Egypt, from the 15th to 18th Century
Scent from the Grave: An Analytical Examination of Ancient Residues from Predynastic Egypt
King's Crowns in Ancient Egypt
'Emic': Ancient Egyptian Terms related to Wells and Cisterns
The KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology: Training Scientists for the 21st Century
Climatic Change in the early Pharaonic Period: A Re-evaluation of the Evidence
The Historiography of Asasif and a Changing Focus
Bes and the Levant: Reconsidering the Problem of Bes and the Seated Goddess
Multidisciplinary Preliminary Examination and 3D Facial Reconstruction of a Male Egyptian Mummy from the Collection of the MHNFC
New Light on the Coloured Graffiti in the Caves of Wadi Soura at the Plateau of Gilf Al-Kibir, Egypt Poster
Predynastic and Protodynastic Mudbrick Settlement Architecture: An Overview and New Interpretation in the Light of Recent Research

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