Current Research in Egyptology X
Liverpool 2009

Date : 7-9 Jan 2009
Location : University of Liverpool, Great Britain
Publication : Boatright, D, Corbelli, J, & Malleson, C. (eds), 2011, Current Research
in Egyptology 2009, Oxford: Oxbow Books

List of papers

Title Publication reference
Crossing of the Lake Ritual 1-14
Is Selket 'The Lady of Chemmis and Wife of Horus'? 15-22
Dwarves at Amarna: Social Acceptance or Amusement for the Royal Family? 23-29
The Use of Scientific Techniques and the Study of Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Weaponry from the Garstang Museum, School of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology, University of Liverpool 30-42
Egypt's Encounter with the West: Race, Culture and Identity 43-52
'The Like of Which Never Existed': The Memphite Building Programme of Amenhotep III 53-66
New Technology or Regression? A Compositional Study of Faience Beads from Two Tombs in Abydos 67-80
Mass-Production in New Kingdom Egypt: The Industries of Amarna and Piramesse 81-98
The Veterinary Papyrus of Kahun 99-105
A Brief Presentation of the Egyptian Collection at the 'Accademia dei Concordi', Rovigo, Italy. A look at published and unpublished objects 106-115
Embodiment Theory and the Body in Ancient Egypt 116-127
House to House. A Comparative Study of Ancient Egyptian Houses from the New Kingdom down to the Ptolemaic Period (1539-32 BC) 128-144
Counting the Dead: Some Remarks on the Haker-Festival 145-156
The Images of Fortifications in the Sety I Battle Reliefs: Comparing Art and Archaeology 157-170
The word wnx.wj: its writings, determinatives, meaning and use in the Old Kingdom 171-185
What can Middle Kingdom faience figurines tell us about personal piety?
Minoan-style Frescoes at Avaris
Synthesis of the Assessments concerning the Reign of Thutmose IV
Religious vs. Material value: implications oft he occurrence of some items within New Kingdom tomb equipment
The Children of Re revisited
Narrative texture and style at Medinet Habu
An Analysis of a Curious Gateway Scene from the Temple of Ramesses II at Abydos
Shabtis oft he Chief Lector-Priest Pedamenope
Ornaments in Badarian to Early Gerzean Burials of the Qau-Matmar Region
Symbolic meaning of the 'separation-scene' of Geb, Nut and Shu
Viewpoint from Thebes During the War of Re-unification in the First Intermediate Period
Circular symbolism in pharaonic funerary architecture
Representation of social hierarchy in the Middle KIngdom tombs of Middle Egypt
The Medieval Islamic historical landscape of the Fayum (Egypt)
Wage Accounting in Deir el-Medina
The Serabit el-Khadim Inscriptions: Formulaic Approach
The sun temples priestly staff: an overview of titles and cult practise through the epigraphic evidence
Fishing for Statues: Re-evaluating Late Period Statuary from the Karnak Cachette
An investigation of the use of baslamic resins in ancient Egypt
Chapels Equipment of the Meroitic Necropolises, new methodological approaches
Scribal self-fashioning in the New Kingdom: Hand and mouth in the Late Egyptian Miscellanies as emblems of scribal activity
Third Intermediate Period Coffin Fragments in the Egypt Centre, Swansea
The Problems in finding a Lost City at Thebes: An Analysis of Papyri BM 10068
Collecting Egyptian Antiquities: the Reverend William MacGregor
Pottery of Lower Egypt during the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age; a view from Sais
The Final Judgement scenes in the Theban tombs of the New Kingdom
Paleopathology of Cranial Remains from the 'Elliot Smith Collection'
Individualizing Old Kingdom tomb decoration: a comparative study of Giza and Saqqara
The Ritualised Body: Body Treatment and Ritual Practice in Egyptian Predynastic Burials
Practicing piety at Deir el-Medina: Evidence for a religious transformation at village level?
How does the Old Kingdom economy fit into economic theory?

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