Current Research in Egyptology XI
Leiden 2010

Date : 5-8 January 2010
Location : University of Leiden, The Netherlands
Publication : Horn, M, Kramer, J, Soliman, D, Staring N, van den Hoven, C, & Weiss,
L. (eds), 2011, Current Research in Egyptology 2010,
Oxford: Oxbow Books

List of papers

Title Publication reference
'Out of Bounds - Priest's Property!' The Status of the Ptolemaic Kings at Memphis 1-14
Protecting Personhood: Protecting personhood: the role of the Sacred Eye in ensuring the continuing identity of the deceased 15-21
Egyptian Mud Dwellings: An Ethnoarchaeological Perspective 22-32
Reconstructing and re-editing the archive of Bishop Pesynthios of Koptos/Keft (7th century) 33-41
Models from Predynastic daily life: A view from Naqada 42-52
Lunar and Sothic data from the archive of Illahun revisited: Absolute Chronology of the Middle Kingdom 53-61
Egyptian pots, Aegean chronology and radiocarbon: Recent research on Egypt and the early Aegean Late Bronze Age 62-70
Myth and cosmography. On the Union of Re and Osiris in two types of religious discourse 71-80
Rage like an Egyptian: the conceptualization of anger 81-96
The Persians and Atum Worship in Egypt's Twenty Seventh Dynasty 97-104
An elite quarter of Avaris/Tell el-Dab'a - multicultural life in a town of the Second Intermediate Period 105-115
The increasing emphasis on collateral and female kin in the late Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period: the vivification formula as a case study 116-123
'Yes Dear!' Spousal Dynamics in the Late Ramesside Letters 124-130
The 'Coregency' of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III in the light of iconography in the Hatshepsut Temple at Deir el-Bahari 131-144
Analysing figural graffiti: stela Louvre C8 as a case study 145-156
The function of Metaphor in The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant 157-173
Preliminary Observations on Practices of Bodily Manipulation in Predynastic Egyptian Funerary Contexts 174-182
Balancing the gods. Priestly design in the temple of Kalabsha 183-196
Encountering liminal zones at Deir el-Medina? 197-205
Sacred Ibis mummies in the Manchester Museum: a morphological and forensic study
Creating Identities in Graeco-Roman Egypt: Double Names in the Ptolemaic and Roman Period
Landscape and Cosmology in the Badarian (c. 4500-4000 B.C.): an insight provided by 'exotic materials'
The Cemetery of Sedment in the New Kingdom - New Light on an old Excavation
Before Polydamna: Egyptian parturient vessels and the trade of medical lore with the Bronze Age Aegean
An Analysis of the Rekhyt Rebus on the Columns of the Temple of Seti at Abydos
Church and state in medieval Christian Nubia: The evidence of the Coptic texts from Qasr Ibrim
Dressing the Dead during the Tasian, Badarian and Early Naqadian Periods in the Qau- Matmar Region-A Comparison and Interpretation
The power of the image and the image of the power: 'The griffin' as a visual and written image for the king
Creating Identities in Graeco-Roman Egypt: Theophoric Names
"From Temple to Church": the Christian reuse of 'pagan' temples
Geophysical surveying in Egypt: the Polish contribution
Spatial hierarchy in Middle Kingdom Elite Culture
The Digital 3D Reconstruction of the Coptic Church at Qubbat al-Hawa
Old Kingdom Priestly Texts of Nut and their transmission into the Middle Kingdom
Cultural Choice and Constructing Identity in later Roman Egypt: Funerary Stelae from Behnasa
The "chaine operatoire" of Late Period Shabti Groups from Saqqara
The Notion of Combat in Ancient Egypt: A lexicographical Study of the Terminology
The 21th maxim of the Instruction of Ptahhotep: a comparison of versions
Participles and Aspect
The Swty.w: Brokers and Operators in the small and Large Range Trade
Iconographic and stylistic studies of kingly sculpture from Dynasties 13, 16 and 17
A (new-)edition of the Embalming Ritual after the papyri Boulaq 3 and Louvre 5158
'Answering the calls of the living': Collaborative Museology and the Representation of Ancient Egypt in Western Museum Displays
Osiris' green: his body represented in medicinal plants

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