Current Research in Egyptology XII
Durham 2011

Date : March 2011
Location : University of Durham, Great Britain
Publication : Abd El-Gawad, H, Andrews, N, Correas-Amador, M, Tamorri, V., &
Taylor, J. (eds), 2012, Current Research in Egyptology 2011,
Oxford: Oxbow Books

List of papers

Title Publication reference
Tell me your name and I can tell you how your kingship was: The royal names of the first three Ptolemies (323-222 BC) 1-14
The Old Kingdom tomb of Pehenuka and the attribution of fragments from the offering scene 15-24
Figured ostraca from Deir el-Medina 25-39
The Egyptian ascension mythology of the Old Kingdom and the phenomenon of star phases 40-47
Godesses gone wild: the Seven Hathors in the New Kingdom 48-54
The early precursors of tomb security 55-74
'Living in a material world': understanding and interpreting life in an Egyptian mud house 75-84
Wood exploitation in Egypt: where, who and how? 85-96
Antonio Bernal de O'Reilly and the discovery of ancient Egypt in Spain 97-706
The infleunce of Christianity on burial practices in Middle Egypt from the fourth to sixth centuries 107-116
Legitimation and ontological changes in the royal figure of Queen Hatshepsut (c. 1479-1458 BC) 117-126
The phenomenon of 'personal religion' in the Ramesside Period, from the 'Poem' of Ramses II through to the prayers of Ramses III 127-132
The encircling protection of Horus 133-140
Visual and written evidence for mourning in New Kingdom Egypt 141-146
The Welshpool Mummy 147-151
More ways of analysis: the different faces of a stela 152-166
Classifying dreams, classifying the world: ancient Egyptian oneiromancy and demotic dream books 167-177
Aspects of trading with New Kingdom Egypt 178-188
On defining myth: comparisons of myth theory from an egyptological viewpoint 189-199
Manipulated corpses in Predynastic Egyptian tombs: deviant or normative practices? 200-209
Hippo godesses of the Egyptian pantheon 210-220
Threats, identity and personhood in the Papyrus of Ani
Rearing sacred bird in ancient Egypt
The snake, the lion and the scarab: Egyptian images of the primordial/creator god in a Greek magical hymn
A new slant on Egyptianising architecture in England 1837-1935
The cosmographic expression "god's land": a textual study in Egyptian geographic phraseology
The Lisbon mummy project: preliminary results of the radiographic study (CT multi-Detector/64) of the human mummies in the collection of Egyptian antiquities in the National Museum of Archaeology, Lisbon
The icon of Pantheos: research on the phenomenon of polymorphic deities in late Egyptian religion and iconography
News from the vizier (Pa-)Rahotep: Sedment tomb 201 revisited
Chronology of the second millennium BC
Roman Egypt or Egyptian Rome: the significance of Egyptian obelisks in the diffusion of ideology
Memory album of life course: a tentative study on elite tomb decorations of Old Kingdom Egypt and Han China
Origins and development of early urbanism in Egypt: research questions
Egypt's central eastern desert rock art: distribution, dating and interpretation
The Tale of Woe: problems and reception
The characterisation of ancient lung particles
Talking to God: the role of Amun in the late Ramesside letters
Archaism and filial piety: an unusual Ptolemaic pair statue from the Karnak cachette
Hoarding heritage? Searching for the philosophy behind Egypt's 'retentionist' antiquity regulations and legislation
Reconsidering statues: the three-dimensional sculpture of Amenemhat IV and Neferusobek
Memory sites: on the use and re-use of the New Kingdom necropolis at Saqqara
Describing religious landscapes: pilgrimage accounts and monastic landscapes in Egypt
Dinner for one: the food of the deceased in New Kingdom offering table scenes at Deir el-Medina

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