Current Research in Egyptology V
Durham 2004

Date : January 2004
Location : University of Durham, Great Britain
Publication : Dann, Rachael J. (ed.), 2006, Current Research in Egyptology 2004,
Oxford: Oxbow Books

List of papers

Title Publication reference
Ritual landscapes in the Coffin Texts - a cognitive mapping approach 118-132
A victorious Description? an assessment of the Description de l'Egypte's reception in Great Britain
The Kahun Papyrus in context: The Floating Uterus 138-146
Looking at diet in Predynastic Egypt through Stable Isotope Analysis 147-157
Interpreting Ancient Nubia 43-50
Childbirth and the 'Opening of the Mouth' ceremony: are they equivalent?
Egyptology and historical methodology
Protection spells in the Pyramid Texts
Single context recording in the context of archaeological fieldwork in Egypt
The new rock and roll? Some thoughts on the popularisation of Egyptology
Egyptology beyond philology: agency, identity and the individual in Ancient Egyptian texts 1-19
Investigating the past land-and waterscapes of North Karnak
Careful coloured drawing: the watercolour facsimiles in the EES archive
Archaeological identification of Space. The case of the mortuary complex of the King Neferefre at Abusir
On pyramid causeways
'Using satellite images to find new and lost archaeological sites: results from survey in the northeast Delta
Choosing the burial place for corn-mummies: a random selection? 20-33
Interpreting Ancient Nubia 43-50
Logistics of the Egyptian Army and its impact on strategic planning
Engendering Roman Egypt: Why is there so little discussion of gender in Egyptology?
Flint and Life crises in Pharaonic Egypt 68-83
Tut'Ankhamun's Body Armour: Materials, construction and the implications for the military industry 100-111
Literature, transmission, and the Late Egyptian Miscellanies 84-99
The Senior Scribe Ramose and the cult of the king: a social and historical reading of some private votive stelae from Deir el Medina in the reign of Ramesses II 51-67
Organic Residue Analysis of natural products used in embalming mummies
Choice of vocabularies: word play in Ancient Egypt 133-137
Creative writing in Ptolemy II's time: texts from the Temple of Isis at Philae 34-42
Professional identities in New Kingdom Egypt
Abusir in the New Kingdom. Current Research by the Czech Institute for Egyptology 112-117

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