Current Research in Egyptology VI
Cambridge 2005

Date : January 2005
Location : University of Cambrige, Great Britain
Publication : Mairs, R, & Stevenson, A. (eds), 2007, Current Research in Egyptology 2005,
Oxford: Oxbow Books

List of papers

Title Publication reference
Why did the Egyptians make monuments?
It is better to be silent than speak in vain? The Challenge of Producing Proverbs in Demotic and Greek 66-73
Single Mother Goddesses and Divine Kingship: the Sidelock of Youth and the Maternal Bond - Revisited
Realms of Memory in Ancient Egypt : Museon & Library in Egyptian Temples
Egyptian Artifacts in South and Central Asia 74-89
Investigating ancient Egyptian towns: a study of Itj-Tawy 89-104
A Study of Ramesside Royal Women's Tombs in the Valley of the Queens 105-122
Bringing Egypt out of Academia: Current Initiatives in the Petrie Museum 1-15
"God is up" - The Ritual of Amenhotep I, Embodied Structures and Ritualized Agents in ramesside Deir el-Medina
The Lonely god of Luxor 22-37
New Thoughts on Campbell's Tomb 138-147
Research in Hieroglyphic Palaeography of some 19th Dynasty Private Stelae
Reassessing the New Kingdom Egyptian Empire in the Levant
Investigating the origins of social complexity in early Saharan pastoralists
Sirrah, your father's dead: Children in the mortuary realm in New Kingdom Egypt 52-65
More about flower arranging in ancient Egypt: some New Kingdom and Graeco-Roman Period archaeobotanical remains examined from a material culture perspective
Wadi Bakariya, a Roman gold mine settlement in the Eastern Desert of Egypt
The Body in the Hymns to the Coffin Sides
Which came first? Maat or Isft (Chaos) in Ancient Egyptian cosmology
Pepi I and the temple of Satet on Elephantine 16-21
The King in Time and Space: Expression of Spatial and Temporal Aspects of Ancient Egyptian Kingship
Was Ancient Egyptian Really an Exotic Language? A View from Applied Linguistics 123-137
In Excess of 50 Dogs
Health in Ancient Egypt
The Fly and the Lion as Examples of Royal rewards
Akhenaten's offering Scenes and Hymns to the Aten
A New Kemit-type text? 38-51
Nubians in Egyptian Art
Fragments from Sinai: discoveries in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Socio-economic aspects of mortuary remain in predynastic and early dynastic Egypt-energy expenditure analysis revised
The Biographies of Predynastic and Early Dynastic Palettes 148-162
Cosmetic beauty and seduction in Ancient Egypt
The So-Called 'Daily-Life' Mummy-Boards From The Tomb Of Sennedjem At Deir El-Medina
Egyptian Royal Women and Diplomatic Activity 163-173

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