Current Research in Egyptology III
Birmingham 2002

Date : December 2001
Location : University of Birmingham, Great Britain in December 2001
Publication : Ives, R., Lines, D., Naunton, C. & Wahlberg, N. (eds), 2003, Current Research in Egyptology III,
BAR International Series 1192.

List of papers

Title Publication reference
Duke Alexander's sarcophagi published as 'Duke Alexander's sarcophagi', Archiv Orient 70 (2001), 329-36
Egyptian Blue: where, when and how? 35-44
The range of meaning in Middle Egyptian 'second tenses'
Foreigners in Egypt during the New Kingdom
Ptolemaic cities in space - a case study of Fayumic settlements
The bone, ivory and wooden labels of the Late Predynastic and Early Dynastic: the iconography of kingship
The arrival of the horse in Egypt: new approaches and a hypothesis 13-18
Professor Plumley, Qasr Ibrim and the EES in Nubia
Crossing the night: the depiction of mythological landscapes in the Am Duat of the New Kingdom royal necropolis 51-62
Aspects of the Hyksos' role in Egyptian society from the artistic evidence 19-26
Some thoughts on the social organisation of dockyards during the New Kingdom 27-34
The Origins of the Cattle Cult in Ancient Egypt
The Mummy's body as an object of horror
Ritual and initiation at Abydos: a context for narrative biography in the Nineteenth Dynasty
Writing a history of Ancient Egypt: some theoretical issues
A curious Middle Kingdom stela from Birmingham published as 'A curious Middle Kingdom stela in Birmingham', JEA 87 (2001), 43-54
Amenhotep III, his blue crowns, and their progeny
The specialness of science: it's all in the mind 45-50
Trends in burial evidence: evaluating expectations for the regional and temporal distribution of mortuary behaviour in Predynastic Egypt 63-68
The lotus reborn: the creation and distribution of the Description de l'Eypte 1-12
Representations of Hathor and Mut in the Hibis temple 69-75

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