Featured Speakers

Geoffrey T. Martin
Christ's College, Fellow

Geoffrey Thorndike Martin is Edwards Professor of Egyptology Emeritus, University College London, and Fellow Commoner at Christ's College, Cambridge. He was third Budge Research Fellow at the same College. He has directed excavations in Saqqara and the Valley of the Kings, and has undertaken epigraphic work in the tomb of Akhenaten at Amarna and in many museums in Europe, the USA, and elsewhere.

Kate Spence
University of Cambridge, University Lecturer

Kate Spence is Lecturer in the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt at the University of Cambridge. She studied Architecture at Cambridge and wrote her PhD in Egyptology on the subject of the orientation of Egyptian architecture. She has worked at many sites in Egypt including Amarna, Karnak, Deir el-Bahari and Hierakonpolis. She currently co-directs excavations at the New Kingdom temple town of Sesebi in Northern Sudan.